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The first round the player order is drawn and shown right of the planning board. The player who plays last marks one line on the planning board with the demolition token. This row will not be played.

The player who plays last in the one round, starts the next round.

The game board contains 5 different figures. The building next to the planning board can be placed on positions on the game board with the same figure(s) as on the same line of the planning board. The players in player order pick a building from a line next to the the planning board and place it on the game board on the corresponding figure.


There are four different building types.

- Blue

- Orange

- Purple

- Yellow

For the number of orthogonal adjacent buildings of the same color, you get 1 point per tile per player marker that is on the group of buildings. So if you have 3 adjacent buildings in Purple, with two of your player markers on it, you get 3 x 2 = 6 points.

Furthermore there are parks.


In the end of the game a player gets the following number of points for each different orthogonal adjacent building type: 1 building: 2 points 2 buildings: 4 points 3 buildings: 9 points 4 buildings: 16 points

Adjacent color markers

Everytime a new building is placed on the board, the building is marked with a marker of the players colour. At the end of the game, each player gets 3 points for each pair of orthogonally adjacent markers. (Markers can be used in multiple pairs)

The game ends after 5 rounds.