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Official rules:


On your turn you may either skip your turn and draw 2 cards, or do as many of the following actions as you want before passing. You may not skip your turn twice in a row. When you run out of cards you'll have to end your turn. Draw back up to 4 cards.

Shift Stones

Discard a card, then switch any two adjacent tiles. (No diagonals.)

Flip Stones

Discard a card, then flip over a tile.

Score a Card

Reveal a card from your hand that matches a pattern on the tile grid. Place it face-up in front of you. (The card must match exactly, and may not be rotated or flipped.)

End Game Condition

After any player has scored a certain number of cards, the game will end after that round is completed. The number of cards depends on the number of players:

  • 2 Players, 10 Cards
  • 3 Players, 9 Cards
  • 4 Players, 8 Cards
  • 5 Players, 7 Cards

Each player's score is the total of all the points in their scored cards, plus the player with the most 1-point cards gains a bonus 3 points.