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Co-Operatively, all players are trying to defeat the royals, the Jacks, followed by the Queens, followed finally by the Kings. (12 Royals in total)

Hand Size is 8-5 for 1-4 players respectively


Each of the suits wielded by the royal stops its respective power

Jacks have 10 Attack and 20 Health

Queens have 15 Attack and 30 Health

Kings have 20 Attack and 40 Health

Turn Basics

1 Play a card

1a Play 1 card

1b Play a group of matching number cards

1c Play an A and another card together (A's can be played on their own too)

2 Activate the suit of the card(s) played

3 Deal damage to the Royal equal to the total value of the card(s) played

4 If the Royal is still alive, they attack and you must discard cards whose value is equal or greater than the attack combined

Suit Powers

Hearts - Return to the draw pile from the discard pile the value of the card (e.g. 4 of hearts would return 4 cards)

Diamonds - Draw cards in turn order to the value of the card, skipping players at max hand size

Clubs - Double the damage inflicted on the Royal

Spades - Reduce received damage by the value of the card for that Royal attack phase


Jester - When played removes the suit of the royal, but no attack is performed by the player. Secondly, the next player to take a turn is chosen by the active player, rather than clockwise.

Exact Death - If a Royal is killed by an exact finishing value (e.g. a 3 when they have 3 life left) the card is placed into the player draw pile rather than being removed. Royals retain their attack value when players play them (J10, Q15, K20)

Yielding - A player may choose to pass entirely, not playing a card but skipping straight to step 4

Discarding - Cards are only discarded once a Royal is defeated, this is mainly because any Spades played previously or by other players will stack. No other powers stack.

Game End

The game ends either:

Win - The final King is killed

Lose - A player is unable to defend an attack from a Royal