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For tips on how to play potion explosion, see Tips_PotionExplosion

Game play

  • Players start by picking two potions that they want to make.
  • Players choose their first potion going clockwise around the table, and their second potion going anti-clockwise.

On Your Turn

  • On your turn, take any marble ("ingredient") from the dispenser.
    • If two marbles (or groups of marbles) of the same colour collide when falling to close the gap in a column left by taking a marble, they explode and are also taken by the player.
    • This will repeat as "exploded" marbles are removed and subsequent groupings collapse.
  • Exploded marbles are placed in the user's "hand".
    • i.e. the rectangle above the flasks in the player's board.
  • One at a time, you can move these marbles to the matching colour on the potions in your board and/or to the "Pool" holding flask.
    • The pool can hold at most three but can hold any colour.
    • If there is available space in your pool you must fill it with marbles from your hand before ending your turn.
    • Any marbles left afterwards in your hand at the end of your turn are returned to the dispenser.
  • When all the holes of a potion are filled, that potion is completed and it moves to your potion area, becoming worth its VP at the end of the game.

Other Actions

  • At any time on your turn (before or after your regular marble pick), you may also:
    • Drink a potion from your potion area, to activate their effect.
      • You can only drink each potion once, and it still scores VP even after being drunk.
      • Hover over to see the effect.
      • You may drink multiple potions in a turn if you have them.
    • Once per turn, ask the professor for a Little Help.
      • This costs -2 VP, and lets you take any one marble from the dispenser, without triggering an explosion.
  • At the very end of the turn, you must draw new potions to replace any that you completed (You cannot add marbles to these new potions until next turn).

Skill tokens

  • The game is setup with ([# of players] + 2) skill tokens from the start.
  • When you make your third potion of the same type, or when you have made five different types of potions, take a Skill token for 4VP.

Game End

  • When the pile of Skill tokens has been depleted, that round is played out and then the game ends.
  • Skill tokens are scored even after they have been depleted.
  • The player with the most VP points is the winner.


  • In the case of a tie, all tied players (starting from the first player in turn order) each one at a time take one marble from the dispenser to try to trigger an explosion.
    • The player who takes the most marbles this way is the winner.
  • Note: each player may get the skill token of 'the 5th different kind of Potion' once.
    • You do not get a 2nd skill token of 'the 5th different kind of Potion' after you collect the 2nd set.

Potion effects

  • Abyssal Draft: Take up to 1 Ingredient of each colour from the bottom row of the Dispenser slide tracks. You can only take 1 Ingredient from each slide track.
  • Balm of Uttermost Stickiness: Take 2 or more adjacent Ingredients of the same colour from the same slide track of the Dispenser. No Explosions are triggered.
  • Elixir of Blind Love: Steal all the Ingredients from 1 opponent’s Pool.
  • Filter of Lavamancing: Discard up to 5 Ingredients of 1 colour from the same slide track of the Dispenser back into the tank. No Explosions are triggered.
  • Potion of Magnetical Attraction: Take 2 adjacent Ingredients of different colours from the same slide track of the Dispenser. No Explosions are triggered.
  • Potion of Prismatic Joy: You can place all Ingredients (up to 3) in your flask's ingredient Pool on any holes of your incomplete Potions, regardless of their colour.
  • Potion of Wisdom: Take one Ingredient of your choice from the Dispenser. No Explosions are triggered.
  • Sands of Time: Activate again the effect of 1 Potion you already used.


  • Fulminating Serum Allowed: This potion will possibly be available.
    • It discards 2 ingredients on the same track back into the Dispenser. No explosions are triggered.