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Each round, every player is given a different thing to draw.

Players have one minute to draw their pictures, their timer starting at the moment they begin drawing - so you can take a few moments to consider what to draw, before starting your picture.

When all drawings have been drawn, they are dealt out in turn, and for each drawing:

  • Everyone except for the artist makes a private guess of what they think the drawing is of
  • When all guesses are in, the guesses are displayed, along with the original prompt that the artist was given; players vote on which they think is the original prompt
  • Votes are revealed. Guessers score 1 point for everyone who chose their guess. The artist scores 1 point for everyone who chose the original prompt.

The game is played over a number of rounds (usually 3 to 5), and for each round every player submits one drawing.

When guessing, if several entries are very similar (for example, if one option is "ice tray" and another is "icecube tray"), players may vote to say that these should be treated as the same, single answer for scoring.

Note: the default BGA scoring method does not give points for correct guesses. It is up to the table administrator to decide this before the game begins.