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On your turn, do one of four things:

1. Assign reporters
Click on the arrow next to a story, and pick how many meeples (reporters) should go from your player mat onto that story.

2. Reassign a reporter
Click on one meeple on the board, then click on another story on the board. The meeple moves to the new story.

3. Recall reporters
Click on any of your meeples on the board (as many as you want) that will go back to your player mat.

4. Go to press
You have to pick up the stories where you have the majority of meeples (shared majority counts) and lay out a newspaper page with them. Make sure you can fit in the available free spaces, and around the advertisement. All top stories (highest News Beat Value) have to be placed first, and as many as possible have to touch the top of the page.

The end of the game is started when one player publishes their 3rd (4-5 players) or fourth (3 players) newspaper.
- Each other player gets one more turn, but they can only move one meeple on that turn.
- Then each other player gets a mandatory publishing turn.

For each paper you publish, you score:
- the News Beat Value for every story on your page (see the arrow on the board!)
- The negative values on your page that are visible.
- double News Beat Value for one non-top story that touches the top of the page (your exclusive)
- You never score less than zero for a front page.
- You lose News Beat Value in points for every story that doesn't fit.

Other ways to score points:
- If someone publishes a story that you have meeples on, you score the lower value of that News Beat (scoop points).
- At the end of the game, whoever has the most stars of one News Beat gets the bonus points (see the track on top of the board) for that News Beat. All ties get awarded the full amount.