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For tips on how to play Papayoo, see Tips_papayoo


  • Papayoo is a trick-taking game with five suits:
  • The object of the game is to take as few points as possible.
  • Boardgame Arena measures these points as negative. Therefore, the player whose score is closest to 0 will be the winner.


  • 8-sided die.
  • 12345678910
  • 12345678910
  • 12345678910
  • 12345678910
  • 1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9P10P11P12P13P14P15P16P17P18P19P20P
  • Payoo cards are worth points equal to their number value.
  • The Papayoo card is the 7 of one of the other suits and is worth 40 points.

Game play

  1. Deal all of the cards.
    • 1111 are removed for 7-8 players.
  2. Depending on the number of players, choose 3-5 cards to pass face-down to the player to your left.
    • This must be done before you look at any cards passed to you.
  3. Once all players have passed cards, an eight-sided die is rolled.
    • Whichever side lands face up determines which 7 card is worth points in that round.
    • For example, if is rolled, the 7 is worth 40 points.
  4. The dealer plays first, with any card from their hand.
  5. In clockwise rotation, each player plays a card.
    • Suit must be followed where possible.
    • There is no trump suit; the highest card in the led suit wins the trick.
  6. Whoever takes the trick leads the next trick.
  • The number of rounds is determined before the game.
  • Points are accumulated throughout the game.
  • The total number of points in the round should equal to 250.

Cards distribution

# players # cards in hand # cards to pass left cards removed
3 20 5 -
4 15 5 -
5 12 4 -
6 10 3 -
7 8 3 1111
8 7 3