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In Oriflamme (Citadels 2), players play for 6 rounds by playing influnces cards and activate them. To seize power, you must conspire, fight and deduce how others will play. The player with the highest influnce after 6 rounds wins!

Setup (What you need to know)

  • Each player takes 10 cards of their color and removes 3 randomly.
  • Everyone starts with 1 influence.
  • The resolution direction is placed.

Round of the Game

Each round consists of 2 phases. After the phases are played, the first player tile is passed to the left.

Placement Phase

  • The first player chooses a card and place it facedown in the middle of the table.
  • The next player places another card to the left or right of all cards already placed.
  • You cannot play between cards.
  • Once everyone has played a card, the placement phase is over.

Resolution Phase

  • Starting from the first card, players choose whether to reveal them.
  • If the card is not revealed, 1 influnce is placed on it.
  • If the card is revealed, apply the card's effect and take all influnces on it.
  • Repeat until the end of the queue is reached.
  • Each time you eliminate a card, you get 1 influnce.
  • Cards in the queue will remain until they are discarded or eliminated.
  • Cards in the same family can be stacked. However, a covered card can never be revealed or targeted.

End of Game

  • The game ends when 6 rounds are played.
  • Influnces still on the cards do not count.
  • The player with the most influnces wins.
  • In case of a tie, the tied player with the most cards in the influnce queue wins.

Abilities of Influnces

  • Ambush: If revealed by another card, discard that card and gain 4 influnce. Otherwise, gain 1 influnce and discard ambush with any influnce on it.
  • Archer: Eliminate the first or last card from the queue.
  • Assassination: Eliminate any card in the queue. Discard assassination.
  • Conspiracy: Gain double the amount of influnce on the card. Discard conspiracy.
  • Heir: If there are no other cards revealed with the same name, gain 2 influnces.
  • Lord: Earn 1 influnce, plus 1 influnce per adjacent card in your family.
  • Royal Decree: Move a card whether you want in the queue. Discard royal decree.
  • Shapeshifter: Copy the ability (not the name) of an adjacent card.
  • Soldier: Eliminate an adjacent card.
  • Spy: Steal 1 influnce from a player with a card adjacent to the spy.