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The objective of the game is to collect jewels and leave their minecarts underailed while escaping the chasm.

Options in game setup are Bumper Carts : don't loose gems when hit Calapse die : token determines which mine die determines space adjacent to that mine

Player's turn

Action Phase

Each turn, players can perform up to 4 of the following actions:

  • Place a straight or corner track tile
  • Upgrade a track tile
  • Place a new minecart on the board
  • Increase or decrease a minecart's speed

Move Minecart's Phase

After a player completes his/her action phase, he/she must move each of their minecarts on the board a number of connected tracks equal to their speed.

  • If the minecart passes one or more deposits, he/she must pick up one gem per space. Rocks must be collected first.
  • If the minecart ends its movement on a deposit, he/she must pick up all the gems to fill their minecart. The minecart can only hold at most 5 gems at a time.
  • If the minecart causes a collision, the movement ends immediately. Minecarts carrying no gems are derailed. Opposing minecarts must drop half of their gems. The front-first minecarts faces opposite the collision.
  • If a minecart cannot move onto a connected track or move into the mine, it derails.
  • If a minecart enters any square on the surface, its hold is transferred into the player's stockpile and counts towards the score.
  • If a player finished a mission, he/she may take a mission card, which counts towards the score.

Deposits Phase

The active player draws the top deposit card and generate deposit accordingly. If the chasm card is drawn, every player gets a final normal turn, then the chasm begins.

The Chasm

This is the beginning of the end game! Your goblins have disturbed too many deposits and the mines are going to collapse into the chasm!

  • The player who draws the chasm card puts it next to them.
  • After each player gets a final normal turn, that player draws the chasm deck to see which mines have collasped. Place a chasm token on each of them.
  • No player can move onto or place tracks on the chasm spaces.
  • During each deposit phase, players draw and place chasm tokens instead. If a chasm token is placed on a minecart, the minecart and the gems in it is removed from the game.
  • The game is over when all minecarts have left the board or all chasm tokens have been placed. Any minecarts still on the board after the final token is placed are derailed.


  • Each rock is worth 0 points, ruby 1, emerald 2, gold 3 and diamonds are 4.
  • The player with the most rubies gain 5 points. If multiple players are tied, they all get the points.
  • Each underailed minecart is worth 3 points.
  • Each mission card is worth 4 points.
  • The player with the most points wins. If there is a tie, the player with the most gems is the winner. If there is still a tie, the player with the least number of rocks wins. If there is still a tie, the players share the victory.

Solo Rules

  • The aim of the game is to deliver at least one gems of each type in the stage of chasm.
  • Every mine square has a single gem. You also have one minecart of each colour.
  • The game is simliar to the chasm phase, except when the chasm card is drawn, the chasm stop collasping for a turn. The card is shuffle back into the deck.
  • The jewels should be deliver to the matching colour exit, if possible.
  • The game ends with a major victory if two or more jewels of each type are delivered to the matching exit.
  • A victory is achieved if one of each type of jewel are delivered to the matching exit.
  • You get a partial victory if one of each type of jewel are delivered to the wrong exit.
  • You lose when all the minecarts are derailed or all chasm tokens are on the board.