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Goal lowest points after three rounds alternative game end someone at 26+ points

Round goal empty hand of point animals

Player turn play an animal card to ark Noah is at then move Noah

Rules for Animal play must be correct gender and not exceed weight limit if unable to play pick up all animals in ark then play

Weight Limit 21 or 13 if Woodpecker in ark

Gender rule decided by second animal in ark, all same gender or alternate genders

Bonus turn if animal played matches last animal in ark

Moving Noah female played move Noah adjacent / male played move Noah two spaces either direction / mule played don't move Noah

If Ark at 21/13 weight then it sails remove ark with animals pass cards from hand to opponents equal to sailed arks then replace from center if unable end of round

One other way to trigger end of round any player emptying thier hand

Animals can have white teardrops on left side of card each is a point at end of round

Animals with bonuses

Lion : pull a card from another player then give any card including what you just pulled to that player

Giraffe : look at any other players hand

Snail : choose gender when played

Woodpecker : lower weight limit

Mule : Don't move Noah