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1) Play a Card and Move

  • On their turn, a player may play the leftmost or rightmost card from their hand and perform the card’s action (e.g. move one of their adventurers the indicated number of steps).
    • If the card has a die, roll the die and move the rolled number of steps.
  • When moving, skip over any spaces that are completely empty (have no tiles anymore).
  • When moving past your sleeping adventurers on the Anubis tiles, immediately move them to the entrance of the tomb.
    • You cannot stop on the Anubis tile.
  • If a player cannot move, they discard a leftmost or rightmost card instead and draw a new one.

Horus Cards

  • 1-X: Move an adventurer any number of steps between 1 and X.
  • 1-dice: Roll the dice, then move an adventurer any number of steps between 1 and the die roll.
  • Move all: Move all active adventurers the indicated number of steps forward.
  • Last to second last: Move the last adventurer to the second-to-last adventurer.
  • Minus one required: First move an adventurer the indicated number of steps, then you may loot a treasure tile with one less adventurer than required.

2) Perform an Action

  • Based on the type of tile the player stopped on, they perform an action:
  • Treasure tile: If the player has at least as many adventurers on this tile as indicated on the tile, they loot the tile and score the indicated number of victory points immediately.
    • If there is an icon below the looted tile, take the corresponding temple tile and place it on this spot. Adventurers stay on this spot without interacting with the temple tile.
    • If there is no icon, then the adventurer stays on this spot.
  • Temple tile: perform the indicated action.
    • Scarab: take a scarab token and put it face down in front of you. VP at end of the game. 22 tiles (4: 1 point, 8: 2 points, 6: 3 points, 4: 4 points)
    • Wild card treasure tile: take on wild card tile and keep it for set collection scoring at end of the game.
    • Scarab or Wild card treasure tile: chose either a Scarab or Wild card tile.
    • Favor of Horus: take the top card from the corresponding Horus card stack.
    • Tunnel: Immediately advance this adventurer to the next tunnel. If there is none, don’t move. If passing sleeping adventurers, move them to the entrance.
  • Horus tile: Take either one key or the top card from the matching stack.
    • New cards always go in the middle of your hand cards.
    • If the card stack is empty, nothing happens.
  • Osiris tile: Immediately move adventurer forward by the shown number on the tile.

3) Draw a Card

  • If you didn’t draw a Horus card during step 2, draw one basic card from the deck.
  • New cards always go into the middle of your hand cards.
  • If the draw deck is empty, reshuffle the discard pile.

Entering the tomb chamber

  • To get into the chamber, a player needs to discard one key for each adventurer entering the tomb AND their adventurer must reach the tomb by exact step count.
  • The first adventurer to enter gains the 5VP sarcophagus, the second the 3VP sarcophagus.
  • After the second adventurer enters the chamber, the round is completed a usual, then the game ends

End game scoring

  1. Current location of adventurers: Score the number of VP displayed on the scarab on the wall next to where the adventurer is standing.
  2. Sarcophagi: Get indicated number of VP.
  3. Key: Reveal keys and get indicated number of VP.
  4. Treasure tile sets: get number of VP according to number of sets collected. One set consists of one vase, one jewelry, and one statue. Wildcards may be used as substitutes for any of the three treasures, but a set cannot contain more than 2 wild card tiles. By themself wildcards aren't worth any points
  5. Scarabs: Reveal scarabs and gain indicated number of points.
Food complements
Sets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Points 3 7 12 18 25 33 42 52

Tie breaker: player who has sarcophagus wins