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[[Category:Card games]]
[[Category:Card games]]
For tips on how to play luxor, see <b>[[Tips_luxor]]</b>
== Game play ==
== Game play ==

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For tips on how to play luxor, see Tips_luxor

Game play

Note: The order of cards in players' hands cannot be rearranged during the game!

1) Play a Card and Move

  • On their turn, a player may play the leftmost or rightmost card from their hand and perform the card’s action (e.g. move one of their adventurers the indicated number of steps).
    • If the card has a die, roll the die and move the rolled number of steps.
  • When moving, skip over any spaces that are completely empty (have no tiles anymore).
  • When moving past your sleeping adventurers on the Anubis tiles, immediately move them to the entrance of the tomb.
    • You cannot stop on the Anubis tile.
  • If a player cannot move, they discard a leftmost or rightmost card instead and draw a new one.

Horus Cards

  • 1-X: Move an adventurer any number of steps between 1 and X.
  • 1-dice: Roll the dice, then move an adventurer any number of steps between 1 and the die roll.
  • Move all: Move all active adventurers the indicated number of steps forward.
  • Last to second last: Move the last adventurer to the second-to-last adventurer.
  • Minus one required: First move an adventurer the indicated number of steps, then you may loot a treasure tile with one less adventurer than required.

2) Perform an Action

Based on the type of tile the player stopped on, they perform an action:

Treasure tile

  • If the player has at least as many adventurers on this tile as indicated on the tile, they loot the tile and score the indicated number of victory points immediately.
    • If there is an icon below the looted tile, take the corresponding temple tile and place it on this spot. Adventurers stay on this spot without interacting with the temple tile.
    • If there is no icon, then the adventurer stays on this spot.

Temple tile

  • Perform the indicated action.
    • Scarab: take a scarab token and put it face down in front of you. VP at end of the game. 22 tiles (4: 1 point, 8: 2 points, 6: 3 points, 4: 4 points)
    • Wild card treasure tile: take on wild card tile and keep it for set collection scoring at end of the game.
    • Scarab or Wild card treasure tile: chose either a Scarab or Wild card tile.
    • Favour of Horus: take the top card from the corresponding Horus card stack.
    • Tunnel: Immediately advance this adventurer to the next tunnel. If there is none, don’t move. If passing sleeping adventurers, move them to the entrance.

Horus tile

  • Take either one key or the top card from the matching stack.
    • New cards always go in the middle of your hand cards.
    • If the card stack is empty, nothing happens.

Osiris tile

  • Immediately move adventurer forward by the shown number on the tile.

3) Draw a Card

  • If you didn’t draw a Horus card during step 2, draw one basic card from the deck.
  • New cards always go into the middle of your hand cards.
  • If the draw deck is empty, reshuffle the discard pile.

Entering the tomb chamber

  • To get into the chamber, a player needs to discard one key for each adventurer entering the tomb AND their adventurer must reach the tomb by exact step count.
  • The first adventurer to enter gains the 5VP sarcophagus, the second the 3VP sarcophagus.
  • After the second adventurer enters the chamber, the round is completed a usual, then the game ends

End game scoring

Current location of adventurers

  • Score the number of VP displayed on the scarab on the wall next to where the adventurer is standing.


  • Get indicated number of VP.


  • Reveal keys and get indicated number of VP.

Treasure tile sets

  • Get number of VP according to number of sets collected.
  • One set consists of one vase, one jewelry, and one statue.
  • Wildcards may be used as substitutes for any of the three treasures, but a set cannot contain more than 2 wild card tiles.
  • By themselves wildcards aren't worth any points


  • Reveal scarabs and gain indicated number of points.
Food complements
Sets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Points 3 7 12 18 25 33 42 52

Tie breaker

  • Player who has sarcophagus wins