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Lucky Numbers is a simple game of luck mixed with thinking ahead.


  • The objective is to make a full grid of 16 number tiles.
  • The numbers in each row must increase from left to right, and the numbers in each column must increase from top to bottom.
  • You cannot have the same number twice in a row or column.

Example of a completed grid:

Lucky numbers.jpg

  • The first player to fill their grid wins.

Scoring for multiple rounds

  • The winner earns two points.
  • The other players lose one point for each empty space on their grid.

Game play

  • For each player, the tiles 1-20 are shuffled together, and each player starts with 4 numbers in a diagonal line.
  • At the beginning of each of your turns, you may either draw a random tile or (if there are any tiles on the table) take one of those instead.
  • You may play the tile you have as long as it is higher than each tile before it in the same row and column, and lower than each tile after it in the same row and column.
  • If you take a tile from the table, you must play it.
  • If you replace a tile on your grid, or choose to discard a drawn tile, that tile goes onto the table for the next player.