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In "Le Dernier Peuple" (The Last Folks), you personify a people.

Each player has a "home" card which of his/her color. You play cards to move your 2 meeples around the cards's circle and gain points.


Reach 12 points.

A turn

First, you can (optional action) use a power card (those cards are collected on pickaxes). Each card has a unique effect - read it by hovering the card in your hand with your mouse.

Secondly, you have to chose between drawing 2 movement cards OR use 1 movement card then draw 1 movement card. A grey downward arrow allows you to move your meeple ; a black upward arrow allows you to move any opponent's meeple. Each arrow gives 2 possibilities : moving a meeple by the number indicated in the circle (positive = clockwise ; negative = unclockwise) OR moving a meeple toward the card with the number indicated in the square. You'll gain points by surrounding any "home" card with your 2 meeples or with 1 of your meeple and one opponent's meeple. If your meeple ends up on a card with a pickaxe, you draw a power card (purple outline).

Resolving attacks and supplies

Supply : If a player surrounds his own "home" card with his 2 meeples, he gets 2 points. Noble Attack : If a player surrounds another player's "home" card with his 2 meeples, he wins 3 points, and the attacked ennemy loses 1 point. Sneaky attack : If a home card is surrounded by a meeple of the active player and another player's meeple, the active player gets 2 points, the other meeple's owner gets 1 point, and the attacked player loses 1 point.


If an attack or a supply has been made, then both meeples involved will be redeployed. The meeple of the active player gets redeployed first ; then the other meeple (of the same player, or ofanother player). A movement card is drawn, and the meeple is moved toward the card with the number indicated in the square. Same process or the second meeple