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Objective :

 Score the most points by moving your

blocks from your quarry, to your sled, to a boat, and finally to a location board.

Setup : Determine start player they start with two blocks on thier sled, each other player starts with one more block on thier sled then the player before them in turn order.

Place the 5 location boards in the center of the table either on A side or B side ( with expansion C or D sides also available) You can play with a mix of letters.

Place 4 boats for the first round based on first boat card

Game Play : Game plays over 6 rounds, a round ends when all boats have sailed to a location. If starting a new round draw a new boat card, place boats, empty and refill Market, the player clockwise from the player who ended round is start player for the round

Player Turn : Take one action play then passes clockwise.

Actions : Fill Sled : add 1-3 blocks from your quarry to your sled

Add to a Boat : place 1 block from your sled to any open spot on a unsailed boat

Sail a Boat : boat must have enough blocks on it, does not require you having blocks on it, you choose which unvisited location you want it to go to, blocks unload from front to back onto the location.

Play an Action Card (blue card) Do what the card says

Locations : Market (A) blocks claim a card and go back to quarry supply

Pyramid (A) blocks gain points they land on build starting in first column build from top down, when base built start on second level, when second level done place cap stone, all extra blocks score 1 point each

Temple (A) blocks build from left to right, stack on top when row filled, at end of each round score 1 point per visible block when looking down on temple

Burial Chamber (A) blocks fill from top down and columns fill from left to right. At end of game score each player for thier connected blocks

Obelisks (A) blocks stack on their own color. At end of game score based on player count and hight of Obelisks

Cards : gained from Market

Blue cards are actions

Green cards are end game points

Purple cards are set collection score at end of game

Red cards are immediate things that happen and are then discarded