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You are on the HONEST team if you have the Agent card or if the majority of your cards are Honest.

You are on the CROOKED team if you have the Kingpin card or if the majority of your cards are Crooked.


Your turn consists of 3 phases:

1) Take Action

Choose 1 of these actions to take:

  • Investigate - View one hidden Integrity Card.
  • Arm - Take a Gun. Reveal 1 of your hidden Integrity Cards if you have any.
  • Equip - Draw an Equipment Card. Discard down to 1. Reveal 1 of your hidden Integrity Cards if you have any.
  • Shoot - Shoot your Gun at the player at whom you are aiming. Drop your gun.

2) Take Aim

If you are holding a Gun, aim it at any living player other than yourself.

3) End Turn

Play proceeds clockwise.


If you are shot, you must reveal all of your Integrity Cards.

If you are NOT the Agent or Kingpin:

  • You are eliminated from the game.
  • Return any Equipment Cards in your hand to the bottom of the deck.
  • Return your Gun to the center of the table.

If you ARE the Agent or Kingpin:

  • You are NOT eliminated the first time you are shot. If you are shot while wounded, the game ends and the opposing team wins.
  • Draw an Equipment Card.
  • Put a Wounded Token on your Agent or Kingpin card.


  • You may only hold one Gun at a time.
  • Any time you get a Gun, immediately aim it. Otherwise you may only change where you are aiming at the end of your turn during the Take Aim phase.


  • Equipment Cards may be used in reaction to Shoot actions, during your turn, or at the end of any player's turn.
  • When you use an Equipment Card, place it at the bottom of the deck.
  • When you use an Equipment Card, no other Equipment Cards may be played until yours is resolved.
  • The hand limit of Equipment is 1.
  • Multiple Equipment Cards may be played before an action is resolved.


The HONEST team wins if the Kingpin is eliminated.

The CROOKED team wins if the Agent is eliminated.

If, at any time, a player has both the Agent and the Kingpin, that player wins alone.


You are encouraged to use the chat to give truthful or false information about what you have seen or accuse players of being on a team or having a specific role.



In addition to the Honest and Crooked teams, we now have a Zombie team. If you are on the Zombie team, you do not win with the Honest or Crooked team. You win if you can turn the Agent or Kingpin into a zombie.

To turn a Leader into a Zombie, you aim at them one one turn and then Bite them on the next turn. The more Infection tokens your target has, the more Zombie dice they will roll when they are bitten. If any of the dice they roll show the Zombie symbol, they turn into a Zombie.

There is also now an Infector role. The Infector is on the Zombie team and tries to get others on their team by eliminating or biting non-Leader players.


One player will have an Infector card. This is not a Leader card, but whoever has it is on the Zombie team. Note: Although you are on the Zombie team, you are not a zombie yourself until your Infector card is revealed.


When a player is investigated, the investigator places an Infection token on the Integrity card they viewed. The more Infection tokens you have, the more likely it is that you will turn into a zombie when you are bitten.


When you shoot a zombie, you keep your Gun, but you must change your aim during your Aim phase.


If you are NOT a Zombie, flip over all of your Integrity Cards. Then:

  • If you are a Leader, follow the same rules as getting shot in the base game.
  • If you are NOT a Leader, you become a zombie (see Becoming a Zombie). Note: The Infector is not a Leader so this also applies to them.

If you are already a Zombie, you aim your Arms at yourself.


You become a zombie when any of these things happen:

  • You are a non-Leader, non-Zombie and you are shot.
  • You have an Infector card and it is revealed.
  • You roll the zombie symbol on a Zombie Die.

When any of those happen, do the following:

  • Reveal all of your hidden cards.
  • Take zombie Arms.
  • You are no longer on the Honest or Crooked team but instead you are now on the Zombie team.
  • You Keep:
    • Any Equipment you had.
    • Any Infection tokens you have on your Integrity cards.
  • You Lose:
    • Any Gun you were holding.

Note: If the Infector takes the Arm action and flips over their Infector card to pay for it, they become a zombie and they take Arms instead of a Gun.


When you are a zombie and you take your turn, instead of the usual turn actions, you can take one of these:

Bite: Roll a die for each Integrity card the player your Arms are aiming at have on their Integrity cards. If you roll a Zombie symbol, they become a zombie. Equip: Remove an Infection token from a non-Zombie player's Integrity card. Then draw an Equipment card. Infect: Add an Infection token to an Integrity card of up to 2 players. Note: Each Integrity card can have up to one Infection token on it.

At the end of a zombie turn, if you have Arms, you may aim them at any player.

Zombie Dice

When a zombie Bites you and you are not a zombie, put an Infection token on one of your Integrity cards.

Then, roll a Zombie die for each Infection token on your Integrity cards. These are the symbols you might roll:

  • Zombie Symbol: You become a zombie. If you are the Agent or Kingpin, the game is over.
  • Infection Symbol: You add an extra Infection token to one of your Integrity cards. Only one Infection token may be on each Integrity card.
  • Zombie Arms Symbol: The zombie who bit you must change their aim to another player.

Zombie Equipment and Arms

  • Zombie players may use Equipment just like non-Zombie players.
  • Any Equipment that affects or targets a Gun or those holding a Gun affects or targets zombie Arms or those with zombie Arms.
  • Any Equipment that affects or targets Shoot or shooting affects or targets Bite or biting.
  • Any Equipment that would make a zombie drop their Gun instead makes them aim their Arms at themself.
  • Any Equipment that affects or targets an eliminated player may target a zombie player.
  • Bringing a player back to life (like with Defibrillator) turns a zombie into a non-zombie but it doesn’t work on the Infector.
  • A zombie cannot steal a Gun.
  • A zombie cannot take the Arm action.


There are a few new cases where exchanging Integrity cards may make you switch teams:

  • If you are given a revealed Infector card, you become a zombie.
  • If you are a zombie and you are given a Leader card (Agent or Kingpin), you are no longer a zombie, even if the Leader card is hidden.
  • If you ever have both the Infector and a Leader card, you immediately win alone.