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1 - Exploit – discard a card from your hand.

Urbanization card = take either a resource or a tile from the general supply Building card:

red card: you get resources
blue card: you get tiles
yellow card: you get success points

The number of items you gain is determined by the height of the designated building. For each floor of the building, you get one item: a 1-floor building generates 1 item, a 2-floor building generates 2, etc. Earn items from your Exploit Tableau if applicable.

2- Urbanization - When you play an Urbanization card with a tile, you expand the city by adding a new building on the outskirts.

Select a tile in your supply and a Letter card in your hand Place the tile at the corresponding Letter token on the board Place 1 of your resources on the tile to mark you own this level 1 building. Move the Urbanization token you just replaced to an orthogonally adjacent empty space. You utilize the buildings orthogonally adjacent to the one you just placed. “Utilizing a building” allows you to earn the items as if you had played those buildings’ cards by themselves. Earn items from your Urbanizing Tableau if applicable.

3 – Construction - Playing a Building card with a tile When you play a Building card with a tile, you add a floor by placing the new tile on the building in the city indicated by the card.

Return the resources present on the building designated by the card to their owner If the owner of the building is another player, she receives 1 success point per resource returned to her. Place the tile you played atop the building designated by the card. If the number on the tile you are playing is less than the number on the tile you are covering, you must pay the difference in success points If the color of the tile you’re playing is different than the one you are covering, pay 1 more resource. Place 1 resource per level of the new building on the tile. Earn items from your Construction Tableau if applicable. Keep the played card face-up in your area. This card will give you its bonus for the rest of the game. There are 2 types of bonuses: permanent bonuses (with black arrow), which are activated throughout the game, endgame bonuses (with the “=” icon), which will give you success points in the final scoring.