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Placing goods

There are two placement controls available for the game. You can switch between them in options, but by default drag’n’drop will be used on desktop, and crosshair on mobile.


Drag goods from your inventory to a board. You can click the expand icon above a board to make this easier. You can also drag ore and silver to boards in the same way.


Click the expand icon above a board to start placing goods. Click a good, ore or silver to select it, then click on the board to place it. There are buttons to rotate or cancel the last selected piece.


The feast board can only be saved during the Feast phase. You can provisionally place goods on the board outside of this phase, you just can’t save.

Boats and houses

To place ore on boats, or stone and wood in sheds and houses, simply click the appropriate slot. On mobile, you may find you need to tap twice.

Raiding and Pillaging

Once you roll the die for the first time, you cannot undo your turn. Before clicking “success”, make sure you select as many “sword” cards and stone as you would like to spend. After clicking “success”, you can select the reward you would like.