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Game set up

All players have their own spaceship card at the beginning of the game. Each spaceship has HP (red icon), accuracy (gun sight icon), a dedicated skill (upper left corner) and a victory point track. If you lose all of your HP, your spaceship will be destroyed. Accuracy increases the chance to hit the other spaceship.

Turn structure

Every turn the players must choose a hex, which will determine the actions available to you. Each hex has six actions, marked by an icon on each side. The numbers on the perimeter indicate the order of actions (0 is first, then 1 etc.). There are 6 types of actions: Attack, Critical attack, Accuracy increase (+1), Repair (restore +1 HP), Victory point (gain +1 VP), and Dodge (light blue icon). Choose your action by placing that side next to your opponent's hex (contacting the side of your opponent's hex).

Win by Attack

To attack your opponent, the accuracy of your spaceship must be higher or equal than accuracy of opponent, but there is a luck factor. You must roll a 3 dice. The results might be: accuracy increase, accuracy decrease, critical attack, self damage. Attack might be blocked by attack block action (light blue icon).

Win by Victory points

Here comes another phase of game turn. Like in rock, paper, scissors some action has advantages over the others. For example HP restore is stronger than attack, accuracy increase than HP restore and attack than accuracy increase (more details about block and VP gain are in the table). For every advantage you receive one Victory point.