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Bring your guests to the castle's rooms to avoid the banishing of Hugo, so that you will be the one with the least spooky points.



  • Each player starts with a number of guests. For 2 people, 6. For 3 people, 5. For 4 people, 4. For 5 people, 3. For 6-8 people, 2.
  • Each player starts with 10 spooky points. Hugo's counter is placed on 3 and Hugo's figure is placed on -10.
  • Each player, starting with the first player, places one of his guests on any free spaces around the gallery.

On Your Turn

  • Roll a dice and move one of your figures the number of spaces indicated. The die has the faces 1-2-4-5-Ghost-Ghost
  • You cannot pass. So, if all your guests are either in a room or in the cellar, you still have to move one.
  • Guests in the cellar start their steps from the arrow. Guests in the room start their steps from the door.
  • You can overtake Hugo and not being captured. However, if your guest stops on the same space at Hugo, he is captured.

Entering Rooms

  • You can start moving your guests into rooms when Hugo moves onto the gallery. They can enter only by the doors on the gallery.
  • You need to move into a room by an extra step. You can exceed the number needed to enter, except for green or occupied rooms.
  • If your guest moves into an occupied room, the guest that is already in is expelled to the door. He can return by rolling a 1.
  • If a guest moves into a room with coats of arms, score accordingly (+1 or -3).

Hugo's Movement

  • If the Hugo symbol is moved, Hugo moves a number of steps clockwise according to his counter, starting with 3.
  • If Hugo passes or stops at a space with a guest, that guest is captured and put on the cellar, starting from -10. The owner of that guest receives the spooky points indicated.
  • Each time Hugo moves onto the arrow, he speeds up and moves an extra step, starting from the next movement.

End of Game

  • The game ends when either a person scores at least 46 or Hugo passes the arrow when his speed is 7.
  • The player with the least spooky points wins.


Midnight Party

  • The game consists of three rounds, no matter what.
  • Hugo always move 3 steps, unless there are 7-8 players, then he moves 2.
  • Guests cannot be expelled from rooms. They also cannot leave the cellar.
  • If you have no guests on the gallery, you still roll the dice, but cannot move.
  • A round ends when all rooms are occupied or there are no guests on the gallery.
  • After a round, guests in rooms move into the doors. Guests in cellars are placed one by one, starting from -10.
  • Hugo is placed back onto -10 and the player with the most spooky points becomes the first player.