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The goal of this game is to have the most victory points at end of the game by building restaurants, terraces, claiming objectives, and competing for majorities

During setup, choose one objective card from the two dealt to you. The other card is placed as a common objective near the objective deck

A player's turn consists of 3 actions, 1 of which must be A) Draw Ingredient Other actions can be

  • A)Draw an Ingredient
  • B)Build Terraces (multiple/afford)
  • C)Build a Restaurant
  • D)Claim Objective (common or private)


  • A)Draw an Ingredient from the display or from the deck
  • B)Build Terraces with income money and temp money from cards
  • C)Build Restaurant cost is ingredients
  • D)Claim Objective place it faceup in your area

End game trigger :

  • Collectively build 11(2player) 13(3player) or 15(4player) restaurants
  • A player has built all tarraces from two rows
  • Or it is impossible to build more restaurants or terraces


  • A) restaurants points
  • B) completed objective points
  • C) majority points
  • D) terrace rows last built points
  • E) loss points for incomplete objectives in hand