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Dice Forge is a game about rolling dice to collect resources. You can spend those resources to upgrade your dice, or purchase cards that give you points and special powers.


  • Gold - Used to upgrade your dice.
  • Sun Shards - Used to purchase cards and take extra actions.
  • Moon Shards - Used to purchase cards.
  • Glory Points - Contributes directly to your score.

Taking Your Turn

On each player's turn, all players roll their dice and collect the indicated resources. (In a two-player game, players roll their dice twice before each player's turn.)

You are then allowed to perform one action:

  • Forge - Spend Gold to upgrade your dice. You can purchase any number of new die faces, but each face you buy must be unique. (Your dice may have duplicated sides, but the faces you purchase within a given Forge action must be different.)
  • Heroic Feat - Spend Sun and/or Moon Shards to purchase a single card. Place your Hero pawn on the pedestal containing the card you wish to purchase. If another player's pawn was on that pedestal, they receive a Divine Blessing and are returned to the central island. (This is known as "Ousting" their hero.)

Taking an additional action

Finally, the active player may spend two Sun Shards to take a second action if they wish.

Terminology used in the game

  • Divine Blessing - The act of rolling both your dice and receiving the indicated resources.
  • Minor Blessing - Rolling a single die and receiving the indicated resources.
  • Reinforcements - After rolling their dice, the active player may use any special powers gained from purchased cards.

Game End

You play 10 rounds with 3 players, and 9 rounds with 2 or 4 players

Much like in real life, the player with the most Glory Points at the end of the game wins.