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Be the first person to play your last tile.

Set up

Choose any one chameleon tile and place it in the middle of the players. Put the rest of the tiles in the bag. Give each person an easel to stand their tiles on. Each person will choose 8 tiles randomly from the bag, without looking, and place them on their easel so they are facing them and no one else can she them.


Players take turns placing one tile on the table. The tile must color match a tile that has already been played in two places. The players turn is over and the next player plays. If the player does not have a matching tile, they will pick one tile from the bag. If they can play it, they may choose to do so, or place it in their hand and pass to the next person plays. Keep playing until someone has only one tile left. That person will place that tile face-up in front of them so that everyone can see it. After someone places their last tile, the other players continue to play so that everyone has a chance to play once. If another player manages to play their last tile during this turn, they will win also.


After a player has played their last tile, they are declared the winner and awarded 10 points. Other players count their remaining tiles, and deduct -10 points per tile left in their hand.