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Celestia is a push/press your luck style game, where players are explorers, travelling to various lands, avoiding troubling events with Equipment, and trying to get treasures worth 50 points in total or more.


Each turn has 3 phases:

1. Captain's roll

On each player's turn, they become the "captain" (marked by a black compass token by their player name) and will roll 2 or more dice. These represent the "hazards" the captain faces.

2. Passenger's decision

Then, each other player in turn makes a decision if they want to stay on or disembark.

  • If a player decides to disembark, they get a treasure from that land, and thus gain points equal to the land's number. However, players who disembark are out of the round.
  • If a player decides to stay on, then they stay in the round.

(The captain can only disembark if he is the only one on the ship, and only before rolling the dice. Lands with a + have some higher point cards and a spyglass mixed in their treasure deck.)

3. Captain's announcement

Then the captain makes an announcement

  • If the captain does have the cards exactly matching the dice, they must play those cards and the round continues, with the captain passing to the next player.
  • If the captain does not have cards matching the dice, the ship will crash (unless anyone plays special cards to save it -- see Power Cards later). If the ship crashes, no one still on the ship gets anything and the round is over.

Note: Blanks are "free" and don't require a card. If the captain has one or more wilds (called "Turbo" cards), they may choose to play them or not. However if they don't satisfy the dice, the ship will crash as usual.

The round continues with a new captain until everyone disembarks or the ship crashes. At the end of each round, players get an additional random card from the deck (either an Equipment, Power, or Turbo card) and the ship resets to the first city.

Power cards

Power cards can be played to help or hinder the journey

  • Ejection -- A player onboard the ship may forcibly eject another non-captain player on the ship, before the captain's announcement. That other player must disembark (and take a treasure as usual).
  • Jetpack -- A player onboard the ship may disembark after the captain's announcement when the ship is about to crash. That player may take a treasure as usual.
  • Alternate Route -- A player onboard can allow the captain to reroll any or all dice, after all players' decision or the captain's announcement. (However players must stay with their decision.)
  • Wind Gust -- Any player may force the captain to reroll blank dice, after all players' decision or the captain's announcement. (However players must stay with their decision.)
  • Spyglass -- Any player may play this after the captain's announcement that they will crash. This allows all dice to be turned to blanks, and continue the journey without the captain playing any cards. (These cards are found in the first 4 cities with the +.)
  • Grappling Hook -- (Promo) Any player not on the ship may play this after the captain's announcement that the ship won't crash. That player may rejoin the ship but must give up the treasure they got when they disembarked that round.

Game End

When at least one player has 50 or more points at the end of a round, the game ends. The player with the most points wins.