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  1. Place 1 Worker Tile from your hand of 3 tiles. May rotate freely, but may not place next to another worker tile. Note: Once the draw pile and display of jungle tiles are empty, you may choose to spend 1 sun token to overbuild one of your own Worker tiles instead.
  2. Place Jungle Tiles from the face up display of 2 tiles if there is an open spot with 2 adjacent worker tiles.
  3. Activate Jungle Tiles adjacent to the newly placed worker tile and any workers adjacent to newly placed jungle tiles
  4. Draw 1 worker tile to your hand, if possible
  5. Refill Jungle tile display, if possible

GAME END: when all players have placed their last worker tile


  1. gold collected through game
  2. 1st and 2nd place at temples
  3. remaining sun tokens are 1 point
  4. value of your water field

Tiebreaker: most cacao fruit remaining


Plantations - Take the indicated cacao per worker, up to your maximum of 5 (8 - 6 single, 2 double)

Markets - Sell 1 cacao per worker at the indicated price (7 - 2x$2, 4x$3, 1x$4)

Gold Mines - Take the indicated gold per worker (3 - 2x$1 1x$2)

Water - Move your water carrier clockwise one space per worker (3)

Sun Worshiping Sites - Take 1 sun token per worker, up to your maximum of 3. These can be spent to overbuild your own worker tiles late in the game, or are worth 1 point at game end. (2)

Temples - No immediate effect. At game end, the player with the most adjacent workers receives 6 gold, and 2nd most receives 3 gold. If tied for first place, divide 6 gold between the tied players and do not award 2nd place. If tied for second place, divide 3 gold among the tied players, rounding down. If only one player is at the temple, they earn 6 gold and no one receives second place. (5)

Note: some tiles are removed in a 2 player game