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  • This rulebook is by no mean official.
  • It's a rough helper to the boardgamearena version of the game.
  • It misses pictures and terminology.
  • It contains broken english.


Be the greatest hunter by capturing animals to score the most points.


  • 54 cards. Each card features:
    • one of the six animals
    • two (different) of the five lands
  • 60 boomerang tokens
  • 25 land token (5 per player, 5 per land type)


  • Shuffle the cards
  • Each player receives
    • 12 boomerang tokens
    • 5 land tokens (one per land type)
  • The player living closer from Australia will play first

Game flow

Begin of the round

Add cards to the river until either all land types are featured or the deck runs out.

Hunting ground selection

Each player secretly chooses a land token and places it face down in front of him/her.

The hunt

In turn order, each player can either:

  • throw a boomerang (aka. bid)
    • he/she puts one of his/her boomerang token into the pot
  • pass
    • he/she gets all the boomerang tokens from the pot
    • he/she put his/her land token face down on top of the stack
    • he/she is removed from turn order

The first player to pass "creates" the stack by putting his/her token face down on top of the deck. The last player to pass will be first to play next round. When all players have passed, it’s time gather cards (aka. capture animals).

The capture

Reveal the top land token from the stack; his/her owner

  • adds to his/her tableau all the cards from the river featuring the land indicated by the token
  • gets the token back (so that he/she can use it again during further rounds)

Repeat until the stack is empty.

If the deck is empty, the game is over; proceed to scoring. Otherwise start a new round.


At the end of the game, each player has a tableau of cards, and some remaining boomerangs.


If a player has the most cards featuring a given animal, he/she scores the number of cards he/she has featuring that animal. If multiple players tied, they both score.

Remaining boomerangs

Each player scores one point foreach group of 6 boomerangs he/she still holds.

Tie breakers

  • The player with the most points wins.
  • The player with most boomerangs wins ties.
  • If multiple players are tied for most points and boomerangs, they share victory.


Assuming following final state:


  • cards : 3 Armadillos, 3 Birds, 1 Fish, 3 Kangaroos, 5 Lizards, 2 Turtles
  • boomerangs : 11


  • cards : 2 Armadillos, 2 Birds, 1 Fish, 3 Kangaroos, 4 Lizards, 2 Turtles
  • boomerangs : 20


  • cards : 4 Armadillos, 3 Birds, 7 Fishes, 3 Kangaroos, 0 Lizards, 3 Turtles
  • boomerangs : 5

Alice would score:

  • 0 point for Armadillos
  • 3 points for Birds (tied with Grace)
  • 0 point for Fish
  • 3 point for Kangaroo (tied with Bob and Grace)
  • 5 points for Lizards
  • 0 point for Turtles
  • 1 point for boomerangs

For a total of 12 points.

Bob would score:

  • 0 point for Armadillos
  • 0 point for Birds
  • 0 point for Fishes
  • 3 points for Kangaroos (tied with Alice and Grace)
  • 0 point for Lizards
  • 0 point for Turtles
  • 3 points for boomerangs

For a total of 6 points.

Grace would score:

  • 4 points for Armadillos
  • 3 points for Birds (tied with Alice)
  • 7 points for Fishes
  • 3 point for Kangaroos (tied with Alice and Bob)
  • 0 point for Lizards
  • 3 points for Turtles
  • 0 point for boomerangs

For a total of 20 points.