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Bobail is a two-player African strategy board game which is played on a square board arranged in an 5x5 grid.

Each player has 5 tokens. One plays the red tokens, and the other player plays the green tokens. There's also an extra yellow token, called the Bobail, placed in the center of the board.

The winner is the player who capture the Bobail. To do so, the Bobail needs to be moved onto the player's nearest horizontal row.

On each turn, a player must do the following two actions in this specific order :

1. Move the Bobail (except for the first turn of the first player)

It moves one square in any direction. If the Bobail cannot be moved, the game is lost by the player.

2. Move one of the player's tokens

A token moves in any direction to the furthest square, but cannot leap over other tokens.