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The 4 types of Technologies have different characteristics, summarized below. A hybrid Technology generally contains characteristics of both of its types.

  • Scientific (blue): Ore production automation, research actions, and Ore bonuses
  • Economic (green): Food production automation, Population collection, and Ore collection
  • Military (red): Shipbuilding, movements, and upgrades
  • Commercial (yellow): Colonization actions, ship movements, and flexible actions

Income Phase

In the income phase, you may choose one of the following three options.

  • Population: From each Supply Column above an uncovered space on the Population track, take one Supply and convert it to a Population
  • Ore: Gain a quantity of Ore equal to the sum of uncovered Ore quantities on the Ore track.
  • Resource trade: You may make as many of the following trades as you wish.
    • Spend 3 Ore to turn your leftmost Supply Column into a Population.
    • Pay 1 ore to take 1 Spaceship from anywhere and turn it into a Population cube.
    • Return a Population to the rightmost Supply Column with an empty space to gain an ore.

Triggering the end of the game and end game points

When enough discs have been placed on Achievements, the next round will be the final round of the game:

  • 2 or 3 players: 3 Achievements claimed
  • 4 players: 4 Achievements claimed

Points are scored for the following:

  • Each Faction scores 1 vp for each of their Level I Technologies
  • Each Faction scores 2 vp for each of their Level II Technologies
  • Each Faction scores 3 vp for each of their Level III Technologies
  • “Private Technologies” (from card bonuses) are worth 2 vp or 3 vp based on their level (Level II or III, respectively).
  • Each Faction scores a number of vp as specified on their Level IIII Technologies
  • Each Faction scores a number of vp as specified on their Automation track (add all vp showing, up to the level reached). After level 7,

each additional level is 1 vp each.

  • Each Faction scores a numer of vp for each of their colonized Systems, as indicated at the bottom of the System card.
  • Each Faction scores 1 vp for each of their uncolonized Outpost discs (on System cards or Shipyard Systems).
  • Each non-controllable location (Sol and Deep Space) scores 1 vp for the Faction(s) with the highest military power

(tied players get the same vp).

  • Each Faction scores a number of vp for each Event card that provides vp. They are usually found near the Achievement cards,

or they can be attached to certain locations or Factions.

  • Each Faction scores a number of vp for each of their Achievements.
  • Tie breaker: Combined production level (Food and Ore) / Highest remaining Population cubes / Highest remaining Ore)

Changes in BGA adaptation

Minor changes were necessary to allow the game to work smoothly on BGA. Special thanks to the designer, Dennis Chan, for consulting on how best to adapt the game to the BGA framework.

Spacetime Anomaly Studies: The research portion of the action is optional.

Galactic HQ, Black Market Industries, Giga-Corporations, Cygni 61, Mind/Machine Assimilation: You cannot use these in the middle of another action.

Giga-Corporations: You may only replace discs on your turn; however, at the end of the game, any remaining star discs on achievements are automatically replaced.