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  • 7 Infantry
  • 5 Heavy Weapons
  • 3 Special Forces
  • 3 Tanks
  • 3 Artillery
  • 3 Paratroopers
  • 2 Air Strikes

Set Up

  • 1) Each player receives 5 unit cards from deck.
  • 2) Each player discards 2 cards to the bottom of their deck and keeps 3.
  • 3) Each player begins with 2 Air Strike cards.

Player's Turn

  • 1) Draw 2 cards from your deck (unless no more cards available).
  • 2) Play 2 cards.

(For the first player's first turn, only draw 1 and play 1.)

When you play an Air Strike, simply remove any opponent's unit from the board.


When you play a unit, it must be supplied. A unit is supplied if either:

  • 1) The unit is IN your base.
  • 2) The unit can trace a supply line (through other friendly units) back to your base. (Aside from Paratroopers, you can only place units where the game tells you that you can.)

There are two exceptions:

  • a) Special Forces are supplied by diagonally adjacent units.
  • b) Paratroopers can be placed anywhere (other than in opponent's base). They "supply" themselves. Note: A Paratrooper cannot supply your other units unless it has a supply line back to your base.


Units can ONLY attack immediately after being placed. Two stipulations:

  • 1) There must be an enemy unit in attack range.
  • 2) The unit you want to attack must also have ANOTHER friendly unit for which the enemy unit is in "Support" range. To say this another way, you must attack an enemy unit with TWO of your units -- the unit you are placing has the enemy in their "Attack" range AND another friendly unit has the enemy within their "Support" range. If you get this wrong and don't have another supporting unit, the unit you place won't be able to attack.

The exceptions are Tank and Artillery, which do not need support to kill an enemy in range. (Notice the attack icon on their cards is different, showing a little flame icon.)

Game End

  • When a player places a unit in opponent's base, they win the game immediately.
  • If both players have no cards in hand nor in deck, the game ends, and the player with the most units in play wins.