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Game layout: view and template: yourgamename.view.php and yourgamename yourgamename.tpl

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These 2 files work together to provide the HTML layout of your game.

Using these 2 files, you specify what HTML is rendered in your game client interface.

In <yourgame.tpl>, you can directly write raw HTML that will be displayed by the browser.

Example: extract of "reversi_reversi.tpl":

  <div id="myhand_wrap" class="whiteblock">
    <div id="myhand">

phplib template system

BGA is using the phplib template system, used for example in PHPbb forums.

More details about how to use phplib template system here:


In your template ("tpl") file, you can use variables. Then in your view (".view.php") file, you fill these variables with value.

In the example above, "{MY_HAND}" is a variable. As you can see, a variable is uppercase characters border by "{" and "}".

To give a value to this variable in your view.php:


   // Display a translated version of "My hand" at the place of the variable in the template
   $this->tpl['MY_HAND'] = self::_("My hand");

   // Display some raw HTML material at the place of the variable
   $this->tpl['MY_HAND'] = self::raw( "<div class='myhand_icon'></div>" );

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