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Game File Reference

Useful Components


  • Deck: a PHP component to manage cards (deck, hands, picking cards, moving cards, shuffle deck, ...).
  • Draggable: a JS component to manage drag'n'drop actions.
  • Counter: a JS component to manage a counter that can increase/decrease (ex: player's score).
  • ExpandableSection: a JS component to manage a rectangular block of HTML than can be displayed/hidden.
  • Scrollmap: a JS component to manage a scrollable game area (useful when the game area can be infinite. Examples: Saboteur or Takenoko games).
  • Stock: a JS component to manage and display a set of game elements displayed at a position.
  • Zone: a JS component to manage a zone of the board where several game elements can come and leave, but should be well displayed together (See for example: token's places at Can't Stop).

Undocumented component (if somebody knows please help with docs)

  • Wrapper: a JS component to wrap a <div> element around its child, even if these elements are absolute positioned.


Game Development Process

Guides for Common Topics

Miscellaneous Resources


In mygame_mygame.tpl (the border is not required):

<div id="my_expandable" style="border: 1px solid black">
    <a href="#" id="my_click_to_toggle" class="expandabletoggle expandablearrow">
        <div class="icon20"></div>
    <div id="my_hidden_content" class="expandablecontent">
        Here's the hidden content

In mygame.js:

this.expanded = new ebg.expandablesection();
this.expanded.create(this, "my_expandable");
this.expanded.expand();   // show
this.expanded.collapse(); // hide
this.expanded.toggle();   // switch show/hide


  • All of the inner parts of the expandable div must have ids so dojo.query can find them.
  • The section already starts with click-to-toggle behavior, so you probably won't need to toggle in your own code. Just set the initial state in your setup method.

Helper Code

This doesn't appear to be part of the BGA framework, but might make creating the above code easer and more readable.

In mygame_mygame.tpl:

var jstpl_expandablesection = '\
    <div id="${id}">\
        <a href="#" id="toggle_${id}" class="expandabletoggle expandablearrow">\
            <div class="icon20"></div>\
        <div id="content_${id}" class="expandablecontent">\

In mygame.js:

placeExpandableSection: function(parent_id, id, content) {
   html = this.format_block('jstpl_expandablesection', { id: id, content: content });, id);